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From Molly's students 

I've suffered from shoulder impingement for 30 years and each time I tried to resume yoga it would suffer, so I stuck to other types of exercise.  I've now been going to Molly's classes for 3 months - my shoulder is much improved along with the rest of my body.  I absolutely love her classes - she builds upon each movement as the class progresses.  The vinyasa yoga is rigorous, sweaty and exhausting for all levels.  She clearly explains the movement, provides welcome suggestions, and provides positive and challenging cues.  I cannot recommend her classes enough.  She is now part of my exercise regime.  

Tracey Buck-Walsh

I've been suffering with back and hip pain for over a year. I have sought acupuncture, chiropractic care and massage which has not offered the relief I had hoped for. Since starting my yoga practice with Molly about three months ago I am finally getting relief from the pain and have so much more flexibility. I am so encouraged and I am finally feeling optimistic. Thank you Molly. 

Marypat Moore

As a senior Forrest Yoga teacher and former FY guardian, I can be a tough student for most any teacher. Molly Vogel is one of those rare, extraordinary instructors who takes the yoga practice to depths far beyond the physical asanas. Her sequences feel great in the body and her message and teachings stay with me long after I leave her classes. Molly is the " real deal," a teacher to the teachers as well as the students

Bridget Boland

Being a 20+ year veteran of yoga and having learned yoga from Ana Forrest herself when she was teaching in her small studio on 17th and Montana in Santa Monica still relatively unknown, I have been to a lot of yoga classes! I can say from experience that Molly Vogel is something special. She has an astute awareness of what is going on in the body and the habitual patterns one might be holding in their practice. In the 3+ years I’ve been doing privates with Molly, my practice has taken on an entirely new form. Even my chiropractor sees the improvement. I continue to practice with Molly because I continue to learn from Molly. Without ego or pretense, Molly simply knows her stuff. And she is willing and happy to share it with you for the sake of yoga and the practice. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Sonia Derian

Molly isn't just skilled at her craft, she has a way of teaching that is inviting and welcoming and makes you want to learn more about yourself and your unconscious patterns. She has helped me through some pretty serious health crises, and I am positive that her classes have helped me to recover from heart surgery and other issues much more quickly than I would have otherwise. I am so grateful for her!

Cynthia Boaz

Molly is both an inspirational and a transformative teacher.  Her depth of knowledge, insight, passion, skill, and sense of humor make her one of the finest teachers I’ve had the opportunity to learn from in my 45 years of practice.  She has helped me move my practice to a much deeper level, both in my physical abilities, my understanding of myself, and my spiritual connection. I have seen her teach beginners and the most advanced students with equal ease and awareness of what they need individually.  It’s notable how her classes are regularly attended by other yoga teachers who have a deep respect for all that she offers.  I can also add that she is a remarkably creative teacher.  Her vinyasas are fresh and full of surprises, so I always look forward to what she will offer.

Joel Gordon

Molly is an incredible yoga teacher. She has perfected her cueing so that no leaf has been left unturned and I learn something new about my body and my practice in every class. Each class brings an awakening or a deepening. As a Pilates teacher she helps me not only with my own body but how to help others with their own discoveries. I feel so blessed to be able to learn from her. 

Jennifer Cataldo

Molly is such a patient and creative yoga instructor. I always feel like a superstar after her class because I've either accomplished something new or challenged myself in a new way. She can talk me through even the most challenging poses, and always offers ways to uplevel or downlevel my poses based on my abilities. 

Caitlin Childs

Molly is one of those teachers that instantly becomes a favorite. She pushes her students to their own limits while offering gentle modifications for those who need them. She's a trustworthy leader because you know she always takes you perfectly far. 

Stephanie Callimanis

There are so many wonderful things to say about Molly, that is is hard to know just where to start. From my first class I took with her, I knew I had found something very special. Everything from her voice, to her sequencing, to her breathe and movements made me feel grounded, confident, vibrant and alive. Molly in her grace and deep knowledge of yoga, has literally brought me to tears during practice. Molly is everything you want a yoga teacher to be and more. I would follow her to the moon to practice with her. She is a pure delight and I feel gratitude for every class I can take with her as my teacher! Molly is simple put: OUTSTANDING!!

Sharon Strom 

You keep me sane, you uplift my spirits, you challenge my strength both physical and emotional, you make my body sing with joy, you bring light to my truth.  Thank you! 

Alissa Phelps

Molly was the turning point for me and my yoga practice.  It wasn’t until I took one of her classes that I really began to understand how yoga can make my life better. Thanks to her ongoing instruction and encouragement, years of chronic back pain are a thing of the past and I feel stronger and more balanced than I have in years. With refreshing clarity, Molly guides the class through various forms and poses, explaining the benefits of each and gently pointing out any adjustments needed to achieve maximum benefits. She teaches correct alignment and how to engage the proper muscles. With Molly’s instruction, you’re experiencing the full benefits of yoga, through and through. Molly is a huge asset to anyone in the world of yoga. Regardless of your level of expertise, you can trust Molly’s classes will leave you wanting more. Five stars! 

Jennifer Hamelburg

Ideally you find a yoga teacher who is gifted with assisting you to go inward into your body, to become curious with ones inner landscape, both physically and emotionally.  An exceptional yoga teacher provides descriptive cues to the student to guide them to connect with the body, and feel  internal sensations in the moment. These are Molly's gifts, helping her students grow, deepen and strengthen one's connection of the body ~ mind ~ and spirit with the breath. The shift from doing Yoga as a sequence of external movements ~ towards moving the body from an internal awareness is a radical experience and Molly is your gal to guide you. She holds a clear, safe space that promotes healing for her students.  She is genuine, consistent, humble and kind. Thank you for your integrity and beautiful spirited heart! I am forever grateful!

Lara Walker Sproul

Molly I was so super excited to be able to do the backbend today.  When I first tried it I just felt fear and doubt seizing my back up.  Then I laid there and I thought about what you said the other night about opening up, trusting yourself, letting go and then all of a sudden it just felt effortless!  I did it (the backbend) four times!

Janette Gilbertson

Molly notices habitually tense places on your body and brings your attention to it so you can begin to release them.  In her energetic flow she insures that any level yogi can customize their practice.  She provides modifications right along with more challenging opportunities to level up when you feel so inclined.  Molly has helped me develop strength, flexibility, and inner calm and for that i am so grateful! 

Amy Talley

Molly Vogel is a powerful yoga instructor, her strength inspiring students in her intensive classes. She creatively weaves together asanas that support strength, balance, and flexibility. She is always educating herself and often brings new ideas, poses and tips to her teaching. She listens well and tailors poses to specific student needs. She is a shining star in the field. 

Emily Crawford

It is difficult to put into words how amazing Molly is as a person and as an instructor. I was completely new to yoga when I started taking classes at one of the studios that Molly teaches at the beginning of 2015. I had taken some classes with several instructors as I explored whether or not yoga was a good fit for me. As soon as I took a class with Molly I knew that I had found the right person to learn from and that yoga was something that I wanted to continue to explore. Molly never fails to create a space that is safe, inviting, challenging and fun. In a room full of people she has the ability to spot the need for even the smallest adjustment that makes a world of difference and I honestly think she can she can see or sense the need even before you do it. Because of Molly, yoga became a big part of me and my life within a short period of time. When I began this journey there are so many things that I would watch Molly or other students do and I thought that I would never be able to do most of those poses! With guidance from Molly, time, patience as well as mental and physical strength from practicing I have been able to do so many of those things that I never thought were possible. I have been physically active my entire life and I have never felt so physically and mentally strong! While practicing with Molly I also became pregnant which would be yet another challenge in my yoga journey as I knew I would have to make some changes over the coming months but I wanted to continue to practice, thankfully Molly was up to the challenge. Molly was able to guide me throughout my entire pregnancy based on what she had learned in her previous trainings and I was able to attend a prenatal workshop with Molly for modifications throughout each trimester. Practicing throughout my pregnancy was amazing and it kept me strong and calm allowing me to enjoy a truly beautiful time in my life. I practiced throughout my entire pregnancy with Molly up until the day before I went into labor. The breathing and poses that I had been doing with Molly for months gave me the strength and coping mechanisms to have the kind of labor and delivery that I had been hoping for. I am not sure if anything I could say would do Molly justice but she is amazing at what she does and her passion is evident in each and every one of her classes, she is a very special individual and I cannot thank her enough for everything that she has done for me.

Jessica Kerr

I have been riding horses since I was 5 years old and have taken riding lessons since my twenties. I am currently taking riding lessons and am doing things that I never have been able to do before because of Molly's yoga classes. The work with the block has really strengthened my thighs and legs! Thank you

Lyn Andreotti

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