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Teaching Method

Forrest Vinyasa Inspired, Gentle Yoga, Private Group Classes and Retreats

Molly and the teachers she works with teach to the students in the room and meet them on their level. They set the tone and create a class that fits to the group.

In classes, you will learn basic yoga moves, alignment, and how to do each pose.  Applying these elements allows for optimal strength and release in each pose. You will learn what each pose should feel like, where and how to breathe and any necessary modifications.  Healing injuries (past and present) is essential to any yoga practice and great care is taken when working with students to move safely as they build strength, flexibility and stamina. 

Molly Vogel Yoga

Group classes are a flow sequence, usually beginning with a floor warm-up and usually taught to music,  Students learn breath work, challenging core exercises and have the opportunity to learn up-levels for poses.  Classes are focused around a theme, for example, hip opening, twists or backbends.  The poses are intelligently sequenced allowing students to safely learn and eventually perform the more challenging apex pose of each class.  Inversions and arm balances in their basic and advanced levels are also integrated in to the sequence.  All levels are welcome; all that is required is an open heart and mind!  The intent is to encourage students to listen to their bodies and when appropriate, either back off or go deeper, depending on the students' individual needs and desires.

What is Forrest Yoga?

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