Yoga Retreats in Spain

Hosted in Spanish Villas on the Mediterranean Sea

with Lucia Yoga Retreats 

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Yoga & Beach Retreat in Spain September 2022

Join Molly for a relaxing and healthy week of Yoga, Beach time and Spanish Culture the Mediterranean Coast near Valencia, Spain.

6 days & 5 nights

September 11 - September 16, 2022

 Enjoy daily yoga classes, meditation, plenty of beach time, breathing sea air, listening to the sounds of the waves, eating tasty & healthy vegetarian meals, visits to famous & historical parts of Valencia, the on-site swimming pool, jacuzzi spa and sauna, massages, and new friends! 

Yoga & Beach & Hiking Retreat in Spain With your Friends

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Come to Spain with a group of friends for your own private & personalized retreat.  

Bring 8 or more of your friends and you come for


6 days & 5 nights

March - November

Retreats are great for friends' vacations, reunions, corporate team building, holidays...

Hosted in the Nature Reserve of Southern Spain or on the Mediterranean Sea near Valencia, have a great week with friends filled with yoga, healthy meals, cultural excursions, spas, flamenco, wine & pool time.

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Past Retreats with Lucia Yoga

July 2018

Molly organized and led her first international yoga retreat with Lucia Yoga at the Granada, Spain, Retreat Center.  Her group practiced lots of yoga, did many tours and excursions in Granada City, ate tasty food and drank great wine.  Check out some photos!


It was fabulous!