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Yoga Videos for Purchase

All Classes are Forrest Yoga blended with a hatha vinyasa.  

Send an email and Molly will share with you purchasing and viewing options.  

Payments can be made through Venmo..

Venmo: Molly Vogel @ MSVyoga

Tailored Yoga Videos


Specialized to what your body needs

For Individuals or Groups

Includes email communications and live consultation in order to make the perfect yoga video just for you! 

Contact Molly for an interview to discuss designing your class

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Gentle Yoga 

to gain mobility and strength

beginner/all level

41 minutes


Slow moving yoga to practice balance and build muscle strength while gaining mobility 



Vinyasa to Clear the Mind 

to get your mind off things

all level

35 minutes


With options to up level or modify, get out of your head and into feeling your body with this uplifting class!


yoga for the knees.png

Yoga for Knee, Hip & Leg Flexibility

alignment focused

beginner/all level

33 minutes


Floor class brings awareness, flexibility and healing to joints to get out of pain and gain mobility.



Strengthening Standing Poses & Knee Healing

balance & alignment

beginner/all level

34 minutes


Learn proper alignment for your body, joint stability, balance and core strength


online yoga class1.png

Energizing Yoga #1 

back flexibility

41 minutes

all level


Shoulder and front body opening for back flexibility. Deep lunges into heart openers



Energizing Yoga #2

toning for legs, butt & abs

all level

29 minutes 


Challenging vinyasa flow style to get long and lean.  Focused on deep breaths through longer holds and balancing poses

online yoga class.png

Energizing Yoga #3 

hip mobility & low ab strength

all level

42 minutes


Find ease of movement in challenging core strengthening  and balance poses


online yoga class5.png

Energizing Yoga #4 

chest openers into backbends 

all level

44 minutes


Safely lift and open the upper body from a strong foundation of leg strength


challenge 2.png

Yoga Challenge to Tone 

strengthen core & lower body

27 minutes

all level


Standing and balancing poses with longer holds in this vinyasa flow style class



Shoulder Opening 

to release tension in the neck and upper back

beginner/all level

25 minutes


Slow moving to soften tight neck, upper back muscles and shoulders


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